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Don’t Know How To Register Yourself As An RIA?
Frustrated With Regulations?
Overwhelmed with trying to register?
Not enough time to register yourself?
Confused by state regulations?
Want to make sure it's done right?
State and Federal Regulations Keep Changing?

You Shouldn't Have To Deal With Overwhelming Regulations


Registering yourself could take months up to a year. Save yourself the time and hassle of registering so that you can become independent.


Most other consultants are a lot more expensive. We offer registration services at $100 less than competitors so you can save money while setting up your own RIA.


Being your own RIA allows you total control over your client relationships, which means you can serve them better. It also gives you total control when you’re ready to sell your business.
"In 2013, I was seriously considering retiring from my investment advisory business. I was so overwhelmed with compliance, requirements and new regulations that I was ready to call it quits. RIA Made Easy was so attentive and efficient with keeping me up to date all compliance matters that I once again enjoyed my career. I was able to invest more time into my clients and growing my business. My life now have become less hectic and more enjoyable thanks to RIA Made Easy. I 100% refer them to anyone in the finance and investment advisory fields."
- J. Salzmann
"We wanted to start our own RIA back in 2006 and with the ever-changing policies and regulations we weren’t very confident that we could do it ourselves. RIA Made Easy registered us correctly and makes sure we are compliant year in and year out. Since 2006, we have done over 1 Billion in AUM. I have the utmost confidence in the services and that you will enjoy working with them for your RIA compliance."
- J. Hibshman
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Becoming Your Own RIA Should Be Easier

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Regulations Can Be Rough.
We Want To Help You Become Your Own RIA.

15+ Years Of Experience
We understand how frustrating regulations can be
Over 500 Registered RIAs
We know trying to register yourself is an overwhelming task.

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*Discounts available when registration and ongoing compliance services are bundled.

Are You Going To Let Regulations Control Your Career?

How many clients have you lost because regulations restrict what you can do? How much time are you wasting trying to register yourself? What happens if you register wrong? How much money are you giving up not being your own RIA?

5-Step Checklist To Help You Register Your RIA

Registering yourself can take a lot of time. Follow this step by step guide to do it yourself and know it has been done right.

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